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No Seriously, I'm Working On It.
Get Off My Lawn!
Well, it looks like this LiveJournal version of won't work for us much longer. This place requires readers to run a script or allow commercials to be seen before posts can be read. In my opinion, that's not acceptable. I've never wanted readers to jump through hoops. That feeling hasn't changed.

Even I can't log in here to post until I watch some commercial first. Yeah, I know. I could probably get around that if I paid the twenty bucks a year membership. But here's the deal: My readers would still have to jump through hoops. That is just not acceptable.

And so, another solution, one that allows commenting and what I'm hoping will not be script crashes or commercials to be played or flashing ads or that ugly guy's mug showing up everywhere advertizing home loans, car insurance rates and tips on how to lose belly fat.

But I need a little time to get it set up (please visit to see what I have been doing this month). And then, if all things work right, you won't need to go anywhere else to leave a comment or see if something different was posted there or here. It'll all be in the same place,, the way it used to be, the only way it should be.

I guess I'm asking for a little more time. But I swear, I'll do everything I can to get this right.


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